Board of Health - Septic Construction, Upgrade, Repair and Soil Evaluation Forms

Septic Construction or Upgrade Form

Septic Component Upgrade or Small Repair

Installers Certificate on New or Upgraded Systemn

Installers Certificate on a Repair

Soil Evaluation Form

Most Common Fees*: Sub-Surface Disposal System less than 1,000 gallons per day.

SOIL EVALUATION (Each site location and site visit) $220


Additional $180 if pump required

Additional $240 if I/A System

Additional $120 if retaining wall


1st plan revision prior to approval: no charge

Each revision prior to plan approval $120

Application for revision of previously approved plan $180

House structure relocation plan review $60

MINOR ALTERATION (i.e., tank or D-box relocation) $102

VARIANCES to Title 5 and/or Wrentham Board of Health Regualtions

New System: $210

Upgrade: $90


Application for transfer or renewal of permit (no plan change) $60

Abandonment of system $60

Innovative/Alternative systems and wastewater treatment plants administrative fee: $30 per year

 * Not a complete list of fees. Please contact the Board of Health for any possible additional fees, and for fees for larger systems.