Zoning Board Applications & Regulations

Applications, By-laws, Forms, Maps & Regulations

Below are the application packets for the permits that require Zoning Board of Appeals review per the Town of Wrentham Zoning By-law and Massachusetts General Law. Each application has a specific timeline and submission requirements that both the Town and the Applicant must follow. Contact the Planning & Community Development Department if you need assistance or have questions about the application process. 



Application Fee

The fees generally associated with a ZBA application are as follows:  

  • Residential Uses: $100
  • Commercial Uses: $200

The Applicant will submit the application fee by check made payable to the Town of Wrentham. 

Legal Advertisement

The Applicant will be billed directly by the Sun Chronicle for fees associated with the Legal Advertisement for the Public Hearing. 

Legal Ad Process: 

  • The Wrentham ZBA will submit the Legal Ad to the Sun Chronicle on behalf of the Applicant, please note that the hearing date is subject to change is the Applicant does not pay the fees to the Sun Chronicle in time for the Legal Ad deadline (see ZBA Meeting/Submisson Schedule below)
  • The Applicant is responsible for providing pre-stamped envelopes to the Zoning Office in order to mail the hearing notice to all abutters and the surrounding six (6) Town's Planning Boards, per M.G.L. 40A, S. 11. 


Application Forms

Special Permit

To hear and decide on applications for special permits as provided by various Sections of the Wrentham Zoning By-law.

ZBA Hearing Application Instructions

ZBA Hearing Application



To hear and decide on applications for relief from the dimensional requirements of the Wrentham Zoning By-law such as setbacks, minmum lot size, height of structure and lot frontage.  


Comprehensive Permit (C40B)

Chapter 40B is a State statute that encourages the development of low- and moderate-income housing by providing a streamlined permitting process and relief from local zoning requirements. Under Chapter 40B, the local ZBA is the permit granting authority. Article V of the board's Rules and Regulations govern Comprehensive Permits in Wrentham. 

Comprehensive Permit Application (Word Document)

Comprehensive Permit Application (PDF)


Zoning By-law & Regulations


Zoning By-laws, Amended June 3, 2019

Zoning Map


Town Regulations

Aquifer Protection District Map

Zoning Board of Appeals Rules and Regulations

ZBA Meeting/Submission Schedule

ZBA Fee Schedule


*Please check whether your property is in an Aquifer Protection District.  See link for map.  If your property is in an Aquifer Protection District, then impervious surface is limited to 15% unless the Board approves adequate mitigation measurements.