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Updated 03/31/15

Would you like to volunteer to serve on any of the following Town Committees, Boards, and/or Commissions? Click here to view the Reference Manual for Elected Officials, Members of Boards, Committees and Commissions.

Vacancies are as follows:

  • Cultural Council
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Envir. Protection Advisory Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  • Open Space Committee
  • Permanent Building Committee
  • Recreation Committee
  • State Forest Advisory Committee
  • Survey Board
  • Town Common Landscape and Memorial Committee

Smart Sewering Steering Committee Charge - Composition of Committee

The Wrentham Smart Sewering Steering Committee is charged with working with the Charles River Watershed Association to study the feasibility, means, methods and costs of establishing sewer districts in the Wrentham Town Center and in the Wrentham Business and Commercial Zones on Route 1/A south of Route I-495 and evaluate the benefit to and impact on the Town of Wrentham on constructing and operating district sewers in those areas."

As recommended by the Committee the Board of Selectmen charged the Committee to:

1.  Coordinate and oversee work on the action items that were recommended by the Committee, including:

  • the Town should prepare options for working with applicants on the development of parcels that may include on-site sewer systems that owners of other properties may tie into.
  • the Town should actively prepare to work with applicants who propose a project that is currently not an allowed use, but which the townspeople would favor if the significant limiting factor is a septic system and the applicant would instead build and operate a PWTF.
  • Obtain a build-out analysis of the Crosby and FMC parcels under (a) current zoning, and (b) as fully developed in the manner in which the townspeople want.
  • Recommend to the Planning Board that they obtain public input and direction of the character of development that the public desires for the center of Town that would achieve the optimal quality of life, if the Board has not already done so.

2.  Participate in any studies or plans that are within the scope of the Committee's recommendations; and,

3.  Rrespond to any requests for sewers and on-site treatment plants.

Composition of the steering committee be as follows:

  • One member of the Planning Board
  • One member of the Board of Selectmen
  • One member of the Board of Health
  • One member of the Conservation Commission
  • One member of the Economic Development Committee
  • One member of the Finance Committee
  • Town Planner (Ex-officio)
  • Town Administrator (Ex-officio)
  • Charles River Watershed Association (Ex-officios)
  • A citizen who lives, operates a business or owns property in the Town Center Study Area
  • A citizen who lives, operates a business or owns property in the South Street Study Area
  • A citizen-at-large (open to any citizen of the Town or also be limited as the two above to give additional representation to people having an economic interest in the affected areas)


Individuals already appointed by their Board or committee. King Philip Regional School District has been approached as to whether they wished to have an ex-officio member and we are waiting to hear back from them.

South Street Study Area Imagery

Downtown Study Areas Imagery


Interested parties should send applications to the Board of Selectmens' office. Click here for a Board/Committee/Commission Application Form.