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Numbering of Buildings

Taken from the Revised June 2019 Wrentham By-Laws

ARTICLE 4.50. Board of Assessors

ART. 4.50. SECTION 1. Numbering of Buildings

  1. Every property owner, manager or responsible party shall ensure that street numbers are installed and maintained to be visible at all times within the intent of this bylaw as well as being in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 148, Section 59 and the International Building Code.
  2. The Board of Assessors through the Assessors' office shall assign a lot number and associated street number to each building lot shown on a plan approved or endorsed by the Planning Board, and each dwelling, store, public garage, factory, or other building located upon a street or way, public or private. All such buildings shall bear a number, such building number shall be associated with the street or way, public or private that provides for the driveway entrance [amended STM 11-09-15, art. 14].
  3. The format for all numbers that are assigned after the effective date of this bylaw shall be numbers that are divisible by five, i.e. 5 — 10 — 15 — 20 — etc. Numbering shall be consistent, odd on the left side of the roadway, even on the right. Declination shall be from the town center outward toward the town borders.
  4. Upon mobilization of construction, renovation or repair the lot number and street number will be displayed so as to be visible from the street on the driveway entrance. This display shall be in place at all times, upon completion of work prior to an occupancy permit being issued the street number shall be visible from the associated street, either on the structure or at the driveway entrance, as prescribed within paragraph E.
  5. Numbers affixed to a structure shall be of contrasting color from the background, a minimum of 3" in height, visible from the driveway entrance. When the numbers are not visible on the structure from the street due to set back distance, over growth or other impediments, a post within six feet of the driveway will be installed, this post must be a minimum of 48" in height, have reflective numbers of 3" on either side of the post. A mailbox may be used in lieu of a post installation; reflective numbers of 3" height must be on both sides. The structure to which numbers are affixed must be installed on the same side of the roadway as the entry driveway. The structure will be orientated on the town center declination side of the driveway.
  6. Multiple occupancy buildings which have individual street numbers shall provide for contrasting numbers 3" in height at the entryway, for the occupancy, visible from the street. If numbers are not visible from the street options within paragraph E will be adhered to.
  7. Structures which do not meet the conditions of this bylaw will not be issued an occupancy permit, or other permits under the purview of the Town of Wrentham and its associated elected boards, committees or departments. Penalties for compliance failure may include fines in the amount specified in ART. 4.10, SECTION 7.B: The Fire Chief shall issue a written warning of violation, then fines for first offense, second offense, and third offense, after the third offense a civil violation will be pursued in District Court. [amended ATM 6-13-16, art. 25]
  8. The Fire Chief shall interpret and enforce this bylaw.